Monday, 27 February 2012

Are you going through a Transition?

Many people, each year, go through a Transition and when doing so experience immense emotional upheaval. When you look-up the term Transition, it is defined as "passage from one form, state, style, or place to another". 
Transition boils down to being something like; Outplacement/Redundancy, Separation/Divorce, leaving College or University or even stepping up into a Promotion or taking a New Job. Transition can be a major event too, for people like ex: Forces personnel, where it is a full life change which takes them from one environment, culture and community to a new and often alien one. 

I introduce Transition as being "when you are leaving behind the sense of who you are and where you have established an identity/connection (expressed in a current work or lifestyle) to start afresh". 

The impact emotionally of adjusting to new cultures at work or socially, understanding behaviours and politics around you, dealing with new relationships and finding inner motivations to keep yourself going, I suspect is not something you will have ever been told to consider, when making a change to some aspect of your life.

Another major factor is the wider impact of a person's Transition upon any immediate family, colleagues, friends or acquaintances and that can cause longer term issues that need to be addressed.

Time to consider this...

One of the most important things to recognise in your life today, is that all around us are factors that will significantly affect how we live our lives! From the moment you wake, other people are impacting upon you. Their thinking, emotions and behaviours will inhibit or facilitate you as you go through each day. 

Many of us are never taught about the People Factor as we grow up, i.e. the thinking, emotions and behaviours that go on all around us, which drive the best and worst decisions, making or breaking relationships and inhibiting or facilitating progress (planned or unplanned). We all struggle(d) with "Why" things are happening as they are, "How" to get things under control again....

Teacher becomes Manager... training wasn't enough!
A client attended one of my Transition workshops, because although she undertook and self-funded specific training she felt would help her in the move into management (moving into a new school to take the role), she was struggling to settle into the role and was finding that the Transition was quite stressful and emotionally exhausting. Not uncommonly the Transition process she had undertaken, had not incorporated her own needs and how to plan for and adapt to the thinking, emotions and behaviours of people she was going to be working with and leading. It didn't have any evaluation method for evenings and weekends.

The balance of insightful People Factor planning and methodical self evaluating was missing. 

In essence she was stuck adjusting to new cultures at work, not understanding behaviours and politics around her, trying to build new relationships and through all of this emotional turmoil, trying to find inner motivations to keep herself going.

Do you recognise this?
Transition, as I have stated above, is something that many people are involved with. However, not many consider the people aspect (themselves and their needs, plus how to navigate the thinking, emotions and behaviours they will face). If you are taking a new job, have lost your job, are in a difficult stage in your relationship, have a teenager who is going through a difficult stage, or perhaps you are in the middle of a major change at work..... this is Transition. How you deal with the People Factor, determines how you cope and continue without stress and strain.

The People Factor is not "fluffy" stuff, it is real and does make an impact upon your life.

If you want to know more about making the Transition in your life more effective and rewarding (for you and others) consider how you deal with the People Factor.

Until next time.... Jay

By The Way....... yes she is continuing in the role and I am helping her. Never give up!

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