Monday, 13 February 2012

Your Mindset - Is It Costing You?

Last week I met a great guy called Andy Cope, who is the founder of a company called Art of Brilliance, he was presenting to 150+ teachers at a major School in UK. I have followed Andy's activities for a few months now, as I am always interested in fellow professionals who help People to get more out of their lives, to understand themselves and others better. 
Andy is a Happiness Expert and travels the UK - in much demand - introducing audiences to the value of living your life within the 2% zone. In short, we experience our greatest pleasure when in the right frame of mind but this tends only to be 2% of the time. This good 2% mind-set allows you to see and in turn actually take control of and enjoy life. Andy states and I agree, life is not a rehearsal and many of us get locked into the negative 98% and miss-out on the 2% that makes us totally and blissfully happy. Check him out on You Tube, not only does he entertain, but he knows his stuff (he will soon complete his Doctorate and then call himself Dr of Happiness).
The Science:
According to the US National Science Foundation, our brains produce as many as 50,000 thoughts per day. Ninety-five percent of these thoughts are repeated daily. Your thoughts become your beliefs which, in turn, become your mindset. Your mindset governs your actions, which lead to your results. In short, if you have a mindset that limits your potential then you will likely accept limited results in your life.
Be Honest:
I always ask clients "Do you have a mindset that limits what’s possible in your life or one that encourages you to see potential and possibility and move past obstacles?" Or, "Are you more familiar with the words can’tunattainable, and impossible or do you naturally see solutions and challenge the status quo?"
For me, one of the most effective ways to change your mindset is to be honest with yourself and consider the following question: “What is my current mindset costing me?”
Consider then the following questions and outcomes:
  • Are you staying in a job you dislike because you have convinced yourself you are not qualified to do anything else or start your own business and be an entrepreneur? This could be preventing you from feeling excited about your day, finding your passion, and making a valuable contribution to the world.
  • Are you staying in an unfulfilling relationship because you have convinced yourself you can’t meet anyone else or don’t deserve better? This could be preventing you from meeting a loving partner who respects you and wants to build a great life together.

Sometimes it’s hard to quantify the financial and emotional costs of having a limiting mindset, but they are real and show up in every facet of your life on a physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual level. Ask yourself then, is your mindset costing you happiness, good health, time, love, money, laughter, opportunities, or peace of mind?
Take a moment and move through the key areas of your life — Career, Relationships, Finances, Fun & Creativity, and Healthy Living — to consider if your mindset is holding you back from reaching your greatest potential. This exercise is fun to do with a friend as well.
Remember, you decide how you think and what becomes a can or can’tStart asking yourself what’s possible and what you really want to accomplish.
Consider Where You Are Today: 
Our thoughts are powerful because they create the mindset that we live by. In moving forward, sometimes you need to take a moment to reflect if you have all the internal resources necessary to be your best – mindset is one of them. It’s time to be aware what your current mindset is costing you.
Until next time.... Jay

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